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Motor Roads of Burma, The

X3070  More ..
Motor Roads of Burma, The
By Burma Oil Co.(1954) Ltd, The


Mounted Oriental Porcelain

I4229  More ..
Mounted Oriental Porcelain
By Watson, Francis


Movement for Democracy in Myan

I9543  More ..
Movement for Democracy in Myan
By Singh, Langpoklakpam Suraj


MPTSys 3.0 User's Manual

E21646/10.1  More ..
MPTSys 3.0 User's Manual


Mr. and Mrs. Klaus G. Perls Co

N1266  More ..
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus G. Perls Co
By Sotheby's


Mrabri in Laos: A World under

E22233  More ..
Mrabri in Laos: A World under
By Chazee, Laurent


Mrabri Studies in the Field, T

X1123  More ..
Mrabri Studies in the Field, T
By Flatz, Gebhard


Muang Boran

X1483  More ..
Muang Boran
By Anon


Muang Metaphysics

E20805  More ..
Muang Metaphysics
By Davis, Richard B.


Muang Ubol (Thani Haeng Racha

T26878  More ..
Muang Ubol (Thani Haeng Racha
By Thida Saraya


Muang-Fai Communities Are for

E21839  More ..
Muang-Fai Communities Are for
By Uraivan Tan-Kim-Yong


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Khor Jor Kor: Forest Politics in Thailand

Pye, Oliver ; Khor Jor Kor: Forest Politics in Thailand
This book analyses the development of Thai forestry from the founding of the Royal Forest Department in 1896 up to the present day, focusing particularly on one of the most controversial state forestry programs in Thai history, the military-led Khor Jor Kor project (1990-1992). The Khor Jor Kor project aimed to reorganize land use in all of Thailand’s 1,253 National Forest Reserves. Behind the project was a powerful alliance of army generals, forestry officials, and pulp and paper companies. Had it gone through, thousands of families living in forest areas would have been evicted from their homes to make way for commercial plantations of eucalyptus. However, Khor Jor Kor led to massive conflict and sustained protests. Under the repressive conditions of the Suchinda dictatorship, farmers developed a civil disobedience strategy that finally stopped the project in July 1992. This book tells the story of that resistance movement and argues that it was a key link in the development of democratic forest management alternatives to the prevailing state and corporate models. At the same time, the book takes a fresh look at the historical development of forest politics in modern Thailand. Continuity and change in forestry are explained as the result of the rise and fall of different “strategic groups”, from British teak companies to the Royal Forest Department, from the Thai military to global pulp and paper conglomerates. Issues such as colonialism and the plundering of Thailand’s forests, counter-insurgency and forest villages, conflicts over commercial plantations, the 1989 logging ban, illegal logging scandals and the failure of state reforestation, and the emergence of a vibrant grassroots environmental movement are integrated into a comprehensive framework of analysis that is highly relevant for the debates in global forestry today.

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Revolving Doors: A Novel

N4477  Read more ...
Revolving Doors: A Novel...
By Matics, Kim


Something Else Again

E22712  Read more ...
Something Else Again...
By Matics, Kim


Behind the Folding Fan

E22699  Read more ...
Behind the Folding Fan...
By Matics, Kim


Royal Siamese State Railway So

E22700  Read more ...
Royal Siamese State Railway So...
By Ministry of Communication


Ancient Postcards on Rice in t

E22704  Read more ...
Ancient Postcards on Rice in t...
By Poupon, Roland


Asean Looks West: Asean and th

E22710  Read more ...
Asean Looks West: Asean and th...
By Hermann, Wifried A. & Peter Lehr


Traditional Thai Medicine: Bud

E22709  Read more ...
Traditional Thai Medicine: Bud...
By Salguero, C. Pierce


Karen Language PhraseBook: Bas

E22707  Read more ...
Karen Language PhraseBook: Bas...
By Rhoden, T. F.

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Eating in Northeastern Cambodi

E22703  Read more ...
Eating in Northeastern Cambodi...
By Istasse, Manon


Sacred Caves of Tam Ting (Pak

E22706  Read more ...
Sacred Caves of Tam Ting (Pak ...
By Egloff, Brian & Kristin Kelly


Lao Postcards by Alfred Raquez

E22681  Read more ...
Lao Postcards by Alfred Raquez...
By Ande, Diethard


Contemporary Laos

E22705  Read more ...
Contemporary Laos...
By Kham Vorapheth


History of the Thai-Chinese, A

N4513  Read more ...
History of the Thai-Chinese, A...
By Sng, Jeffery & Pimpraphai Bisalputra


Uncertain Lives: Changing Bord

N4512  Read more ...
Uncertain Lives: Changing Bord...
By Wasan Panyagaew & Bai Zhihong


Land and River Grabbing the Me

N4488  Read more ...
Land and River Grabbing the Me...
By Chayan Vaddhanaphuti & Sabrina Gyorvary


Policing in Colonial Burma

N4487  Read more ...
Policing in Colonial Burma...
By Hanwong, Lalita Hingkanonta

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A French Engineer In Burma And

E22695  Read more ...
A French Engineer In Burma And...
By Mahe, Comte A. de La Bourdonnais


John Thomson: The Early Years

E22694  Read more ...
John Thomson: The Early Years ...
By Montague, Joel & Jim Mizerski


Textiles, Crafts and Customs o

E22685  Read more ...
Textiles, Crafts and Customs o...
By Scherman, Lucian & Christine


Harry Howard

N4396  Read more ...
Harry Howard...
By Howard, Julie


Spirits in the Loom : Religion

E22692  Read more ...
Spirits in the Loom : Religion...
By Findly, Ellison Banks


By Motorcar from Saigon to Ang

E22693  Read more ...
By Motorcar from Saigon to Ang...
By Montpensier, Duc de


Pagan and Burma in 1899

E22686  Read more ...
Pagan and Burma in 1899...
By Thomann, Th. H


Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde

E22689  Read more ...
Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde...
By Desmond, Ball

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A History of Phuket and the Su

E22674  Read more ...
A History of Phuket and the Su...
By Colin Mackay


Around Southeast Asia in 1897:

E22680  Read more ...
Around Southeast Asia in 1897:...
By Massieu, Isabelle


Preah Vihear

E22687  Read more ...
Preah Vihear...
By Charnvit Kasetsiri, Pou Sothirak, Pavin Chachavalpongpun


Pasa Phu Thai Phuea Sukkhaphap

T28291  Read more ...
Pasa Phu Thai Phuea Sukkhaphap...
By Mollerup, Asger & Thanyalak Chaiyasuk


Around Laos in 1900, Vol. 2

E22682  Read more ...
Around Laos in 1900, Vol. 2...
By Raquez, A.


A German Surgeon's Siamese Arm

E22684  Read more ...
A German Surgeon's Siamese Arm...
By Friedrich Schaefer


The Vanishing Traces:

E22683  Read more ...
The Vanishing Traces:...
By Ahmed, Iftekhar


Cultural Revival and the Peopl

E22676  Read more ...
Cultural Revival and the Peopl...
By Nong Quoc Binh & Michael C. Howard

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Ancient Khmer Sites in Eastern

E22664  Read more ...
Ancient Khmer Sites in Eastern...
By Mollerup Asger


Early Coins of Myanmar (Burma)

E22675  Read more ...
Early Coins of Myanmar (Burma)...
By Mahlo, Dietrich


Opium Weights

N4108  Read more ...
Opium Weights...
By Braun, Rolf & Ilse


Village-Based Silk Production

E22656  Read more ...
Village-Based Silk Production ...
By Patcharin Lapanun, Barbara Earth, Benjawan Narasaj, Patcharin Ruchuwararak & Soutthanome Keola


Dress and Tai Yai Identity in

E22658  Read more ...
Dress and Tai Yai Identity in ...
By McLean, Maya


Textile Traditions in Contempo

E22657  Read more ...
Textile Traditions in Contempo...
By Howard, Michael C.


Tibetan People and Their Stori

E22667  Read more ...
Tibetan People and Their Stori...
By Zhang Xiaoming & Jin Zhiguo. Etc


Elephants in Thailand Vol. 2 :

E22671  Read more ...
Elephants in Thailand Vol. 2 :...
By Schliesinger, Joachim

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Report Card: Burma's Plea 1 Ma

N2260  More ..
Report Card: Burma's Plea 1 Ma
By Altsean Burma


Myanmar (Burma). A Lonely Plan

N 208  More ..
Myanmar (Burma). A Lonely Plan
By Cummings, Joe & Tony Wheeler


Civil Servant in Burma, A

R1734  More ..
Civil Servant in Burma, A
By White, Herbert Thirkell


Ancient Burmese Inscriptions B

N3424  More ..
Ancient Burmese Inscriptions B
By Anon


Out of the Blue: A Pilot with

N3423  More ..
Out of the Blue: A Pilot with
By O'Brien, Terence


Verwendung der Shan-Trommeln,

N3430  More ..
Verwendung der Shan-Trommeln,
By Reinhard, Kurt


History of Wat Srakesa Rajavar

X3129  More ..
History of Wat Srakesa Rajavar
By Somdej Phrabuddhacharaya (Kiew Upaseno),



R1949  More ..
By Riviere, P-Louis


Thailand: The Modernization of

R3880  More ..
Thailand: The Modernization of
By Riggs, Fred W.


Eternal Image, The

I3480  More ..
Eternal Image, The
By Piriya Krairiksh


Thailand at A Glance

X3477  More ..
Thailand at A Glance
By Manit Varin


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