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          White Lotus has acquired over 15,000 books on the region. Books by other publishers, some exclusively, as well as rare and out-of- print title. We are the only company specializing exclusively in this region as publisher and distributor. We are confident that you will find the list below as comprehensive as any you will find anywhere. In addition to English you'll also find books in French, German, and other languages. And if you do not find title listed please ark. We try to get all books published in this region also in Thai and other languages.
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81 111 like I9584  More .. Connectivity and Beyond, Indo-Thai Relations Through Ages... Ghosh, Lipi
82 110 like I4345  More .. Chinese Porcelain: The S.C. Ko Tianminlou Collectiion... Urban Council
83 109 like E22642  More .. Warlords and Muslims in Chinese Central Asia... Forbes, Andrew D. W.
84 106 like E22046  More .. Bonjour Ma Grande Grande Cherie... Walker, Dave & Richard S. Ehrlich
85 106 like E22173  More .. Siam's Rural Economy under King Chulalongkorn... Dilok Nabarath, Prince
86 106 like E22667  More .. Tibetan People and Their Stories in the 20th Century... Zhang Xiaoming & Jin Zhiguo. Etc.
87 106 like I 754  More .. Folk Elements in Burmese Buddhism... Maung Htin Aung
88 104 like E22619  More .. People, Livelihoods, and Development in the Xekong River ... Baird, Ian G. & Bruce Shoemaker
89 104 like I9009  More .. Structural Adjusdtment: the Sapri Report, the Policy Roots o... SAPRIN
90 103 like E22014  More .. Burma's Military Secrets... Ball, Desmond
91 103 like E22296  More .. Textiles of Western Timor: Regional Variations in Historical... Yeager, Ruth Marie & Mark Ivan Jacobson
92 103 like E22609  More .. Burmese Buddhist Murals: Vol. 1-Epigraphic Corpus of the Pow... Munier, Christophe & Myint Aung
93 102 like E22706  More .. Sacred Caves of Tam Ting (Pak Ou), Luang Prabung of Tam, Lao... Egloff, Brian & Kristin Kelly
94 101 like E22662  More .. Ethnic Groups of Cambodia, Vol.3: Profile of Austro-Thai and... Schliesinger, Joachim
95 101 like I4209  More .. Old Bangkok: Krung Tep they call this Place of Contradiction... Smithies, Michael

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Maintaining the Union of Burma

N4402  More ..
Maintaining the Union of Burma
By Samara Yawnghwe


Mandalay and Other Cities of t

E21067  More ..
Mandalay and Other Cities of t
By O'Connor, V. C. Scott


Mandalay to Momien

E22627  More ..
Mandalay to Momien
By Anderson, John


Recommend Old Books

Moeurs Curieuses des Chinois

R7707  More ..
Moeurs Curieuses des Chinois
By Smith, Arthur H.


Moeurs Et Coutumes Des Khmers

R5766  More ..
Moeurs Et Coutumes Des Khmers
By Poree, Guy and Eveline Maspero


Moeurs et Coutumes des Khmers

R5766/1  More ..
Moeurs et Coutumes des Khmers
By Poree, Guy & Eveline Maspero


Monde Indochinois et La Penins

I6646  More ..
Monde Indochinois et La Penins
By Ambassade de France En Malaisie


Mongkut the King of Siam

R 700  More ..
Mongkut the King of Siam
By Moffat, Abbot Low


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