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Mandalay and Other Cities of the Past in Burma

  ISBN : 9789748495170
  WL Order Code :  E21067
  Price :  US$29.00
  Bangkok 1996, repr. from 1907; )
  470 pp., fully illus., 8 pp. illus. in col., 4 folded maps+plans, 150 x 210 mm Weight  0.870 kg
  O'Connor, V. C. Scott; Mandalay and Other Cities of the Past in Burma
  Update list on : 2017-01-31
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First published in 1907, this book is still an important source of information for all who are curious about this fascinating country that has only recently begun the process of change. V.C. Scott O’Connor served in Burma at the turn of the century as a British colonial officer. His extensive travels took him to numerous cities, all of which had had a great influence on Burmese history, art and culture. From his experiences, the author recreates Burmese history through that of important early cities. Mandalay, for which he had a special affection, Sagaing, Ava, Amarapura, Pagan, Pegu, Prome, Thare-kettaya (Sri-kshetra), Mergui, Tagoung, and the monastery complex at Po-u-daung. The work includes 243 illustrations, mostly photographs, reproductions of paintings by the traditionalist Burmese painter, Saya Chone, and maps and diagrams.

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