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Inroads Into Burma

  ISBN : 9789835600340
  WL Order Code :  I8093
  Price :  US$19.00
  Kuala Lumpur 1977,
  342 pp., 23 pp. illus., 1 pp. in col., 125 x 200 mm Weight  0.330 kg
  Abbott, Gerry; Inroads Into Burma
: A Traveller's Anthology
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Protected by jungle-covered mountain ranges, the lands ruled by the Burmese Court were for a long time jealously guarded by kings who chose to remain aloof from the outside world. With the coming of the Age of Steam access to the sequestered kingdom was much easier, and when it fell prey to British imperialism the country was “opened up”. Nevertheless, soon after becoming an independent republic the country once more pursued a policy of limited foreign contact. One consequence of such geographical and cultural insulation is that most outsiders are uninformed about the country now known as Myanmar. This anthology contains sequences of fascinating information covering almost four centuries of Burmese history. The passages are drawn from travelers’ accounts, many of which are rare documents or books that are difficult to come by. Tourists, academics, and students alike will find a wealth of interesting detail in its pages.

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