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Kham 1: The TAR Part of Kham (Tibet Autonomous Region)
ISBN :   9789744800497
WL Order Code :    E22359
Price :    US$42.00
Print :   Bangkok 2004,
Size :   166 pp., 45 pp. maps, fully illus. in col., 210 x 295 mm pbk. Weight  1.200 kg
  Gruschke, Andreas

Kham 1: The TAR Part of Kham (Tibet Autonomous Region)
:The Cultural Monuments of Tibet's Outer Provinces
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This detailed survey of the cultural monuments of Tibet’s outer provinces reveals that Tibetan culture is neither extinct in Tibet proper nor in the outer provinces of Amdo and Kham. Their inhabitants’ accomplishments in rebuilding monasteries, restructuring the economy and revitalizing the traditional way of life are among the most fascinating recent events in Asia. Thus the author of this work takes it as his expression of admiration and respect for what Tibetans have accomplished within the last decades. The author has visited and thoroughly documented many of the unknown sites in Amdo and Kham, among them highly active monastic establishments with hundreds or even thousands of monks, or hidden treasures of Tibet’s living and revitalized Buddhist tradition. In presenting this study of the cultural monuments in eastern Tibet, he covered a variety of historical, economic or religio-philosophical aspects in order to explain and evaluate the differences and the common features within the Tibetan cultural context.

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