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Burmanization of Myanmar's Muslims
ISBN :   9789744801265
WL Order Code :    E22587
Price :    Euro15.30
Print :   Bangkok 2007
Size :   190 pp., 16 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.290 kg
  Berlie, Jean A.

Burmanization of Myanmar's Muslims

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This book deals with Burmanization, a cultural process similar to what is known as Sinicization in China and Sanskritization in India. It copes with selected aspects of the Burmanization process, linguistic integration, citizenship, rate of culture change and changes in value systems. The Tatmadaw government’s ethics emphasize unity, a desirable ideal, but also “one dominant ethnic group (Burman), one united country (Myanmar), and one religion (Buddhism)”. Buddhism is de facto the state religion, and Muslims and other religious minorities are not protected by the State. The Muslim population is subject to Burmanization, a socio-political strategy with the aim of assimilating the ethnic and religious minorities of Myanmar. This study makes a powerful contribution not only to the knowledge of the Muslims of Burma but also by looking both within and beyond the Muslim societies of South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

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Customer Reviews
Date : 2013-07-05 19:38:28  |   want to buy
Reviewer :   Saw Than Htut Lynn
I would like to buy this book. I am at the Bangkok now and I will leave for my country on coming Tuesday 9th Jul 2013. Could you send to my hotel and how much do I need to pay? Regards Saw Than Htut Lynn
Date : 2012-05-31 04:50:33  |   Rohingya Muslim and Burmese Muslim
Reviewer :   Mg Saw MMee
Rohingya issue in Burma is a unwanted issue in the sense that the successive Burmese regime has not event-ever mentioned the existence Rohingya in Burma. History however tell otherwise that they really exist there from the time immemorial. Historical facts, books and other incontrovertible evidence on Rohingya were destroyed by the Burmese successive regime for the easy-realization their evil intention, i.e., to Burmanize Rohingya , or expel them in the event they refused to be Burmanized.The Rohingyas' hold on the first pillar of Islam,i.e.,there is no god but the Almighty, the Oneness of God, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a Messenger of that Oneness of God,is very strong and unshaky in any given situation though other factors that are essential to strengthen the faith are almost irreparably ruined. The Burmese burmanizers have been successful in destroying faith of millions of Rohingyas in Burma by way of neo-Burmanization policy, i.e., stripping of citizenship, restricting movement, crippling economies, threatening to physical tortures, massacres, , periodical killings,confiscation real property and expulsion from their lands, etc.. Look! Burmese Constitution as regards to citizenship clauses had been amended and repealed in 1948, 1974,and 1982 just to suit their ulterior evil intent- to strip Rohingyas of their citizenship rights. The current military backed government has quickly accepted the Constitution which is inherited from the Socialist regime and is full of Burmanization policy, a threat to other religions, such as Islam, Christian,Shia, etc..

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