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Elephant-Lore of the Hindus, The
ISBN :   9789744801555
WL Order Code :    E22634
Price :    US$13.00
Print :   Bangkok 2010, repr. from 1931;
Size :   148 pp., 150 x 215 mm pbk. Weight  0.225 kg
  Edgerton, Franklin

Elephant-Lore of the Hindus, The
:The Elephant-Sport (Matanga-Lila) of Nilakantha
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This book is a translation of the Matanga-Lila by Nilakantha. It is the best available Sanskrit work on Elephantology. The introduction covers the significance of elephant-lore in Indian literature, both the theoretical and practical elements of the “science”, modern elephant-lore which covers the good and bad points of elephants, “castes”, catching of elephants, etc. The twelve chapters deal with the origin of elephants, favorable and unfavorable marks, longevity, determination of measurements, details of price, marks of character, kinds of musths, catching and keeping elephants, and the qualities of elephant drivers. This reprint is the first volume in a series of elephant books on Thailand and neighboring countries. It gives the basic knowledge of the Indian traditions on which the culture in keeping and training of elephants in Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam is based.

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