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Back Blocks of China, the

E22620  More ..
Back Blocks of China, the
By Jack, R. Logan


Bangkok Tramways Eighty Years

E22701  More ..
Bangkok Tramways Eighty Years
By Spek, Dick Van Der, Wisarut Bholsithi & Wally Higgins


Bangkok's Foodscape: Public Ea

E22485  More ..
Bangkok's Foodscape: Public Ea
By Yasmeen, Gisele


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Bangkok: Its Life and Sport

Bangkok: Its Life and Sport
By Forty, C. H.
218 pp., 13 pp. illus., 150 x 215 mm
This book is a good guide of the late 1920s for newcomers in Thailand when Bangkok had a population of 450 000 inhabitants. The first three chapters deal with all aspects of life in Bangkok and the rural area in central Thailand as perceived by the author, a Lieut.-Col. of the British army who was considered to be worth knowing. He served as governor for two years at Koh Pai, an island that was also used for penal purposes. In the remaining chapters, the author deals with all aspects of hunting, mainly snipe. Several chapters are devoted to guns, loading and handling them, to kit and ammunition, etc. In a humorous tongue in cheek way he deals with mishaps, avoidable and unavoidable, children, buffalos, bulls, snakes, snakebites, antidotes, cobras, criminals, gun robbery and strangers. He describes how he was robbed of his rifle, thrown into a ditch and left for dead. He narrates an incident when a young boy and girl were hidden in the bushes while they were fishing and he accidently shot the boy with some pellets while aiming at snipes. He describes the reaction of the father, “Well Sir”, said the father, a burly farmer, “I should not have minded so much if you had only shot the girl, but that other one is a boy and I want him to help me on the farm later on”. The last chapter deals with the islands Koh Sichang, Koh Kram, and Koh Pai in all their aspects, including the hunting of monitor lizards. The description of events and people is enjoyable to read even if one is not a hunter.
More Detail..
  New Books 2019-2020 More books....

Zum Ersten Mal im Ausland: 189

Order Code N5312
Zum Ersten Mal im Ausland: 189...
By Schalbruch, Martin & Ampha Otrakul
..Read more..

Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan

Order Code N4888
Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan...
By Stevens, Arjay
..Read more..

Slices of Thai History from th

Order Code N4879
Slices of Thai History from th...
By Stearn, Duncan
..Read more..

Taking it up the Blindside

Order Code N4758
Taking it up the Blindside...
By Prichard, Jon
..Read more..

Tropic Gardener, the: Guide to

Order Code E22732
Tropic Gardener, the: Guide to...
By Campbell, Patrick A.C.
..Read more..

Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')

Order Code E22731
Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')...
By Smyth, David
..Read more..

Scramble for Rails: Japanese M

Order Code E22730
Scramble for Rails: Japanese M...
By Kakizaki, Ichiro
..Read more..

Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2

Order Code E22729
Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2...
By Guelden, Marlane
..Read more..
  New Books 2018 More books....

Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai

Order Code N4749
Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai...
By Obchant Thaithong & Aroonrat & Manit Kidyoo
..Read more..

Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma

Order Code N4748
Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma...
By Keo, Duong
..Read more..

Long Winding Road to Nakhon No

Order Code N4734
Long Winding Road to Nakhon No...
By Crutchley, Roger
..Read more..

Tangled in Time

Order Code N4732
Tangled in Time...
By Nevo (Shtelzer), Dajna
..Read more..

Forest Trees of Southern Thail

Order Code N4482/3
Forest Trees of Southern Thail...
By Gardner, Simon & Pindar Sidisunthorn & Kongkanda Chayamarit
..Read more..

Order Code E22728
"British Teak Wallahs in North...
By Prof. Kittichai Wattananikorn
..Read more..

Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e

Order Code E22727/CD
Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e...
By Mollerup, Asger
..Read more..

Dancing for The Gods

Order Code E22726
Dancing for The Gods...
By Guelden, Marlane
..Read more..
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Titillating Tales from Norther

E22715  More ..
Titillating Tales from Norther
By Brun, Viggo


Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde

E22688  More ..
Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde
By Desmond, Ball


Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde

E22689  More ..
Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde
By Desmond, Ball


Recommend Old Books

Notes sur L'inscription de La

R5278  More ..
Notes sur L'inscription de La
By Jacques, Claude


Notes sur la Vie Francaise en

R7380  More ..
Notes sur la Vie Francaise en
By Nicolas, Pierre


Notes sur Quelques Sceaux-Amul

R7236  More ..
Notes sur Quelques Sceaux-Amul
By Hambis, Louis


Notice sur les Ruines de Panat

R7349  More ..
Notice sur les Ruines de Panat
By Goor, Lulius Van


Notices Bibliographiques:ouvra

R7268  More ..
Notices Bibliographiques:ouvra
By Dammais, L.-C.


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