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ISBN 9789744801319
WL Order Code 22589

Bangkok 2008, 140 pp., 6 pp. illus., 150 x 210 mm, 0.275 kg

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Nakanishi, Nao; Environmental Identity
The book examines the different concepts of a unified environment including living things as well as the natural surroundings like forests, rivers, rocks, etc. Westerners tend to rely more on cognition and a separating view distinguishing between nature and culture. Aborigines with a 50 000 year continuous culture developed a unique concept of the environment, lacking the concept of private land and therefore not modifying nature. They learned how to adapt to the changes of nature and climate. Environmental Identity is an important study for environmental scientists, anthropologists, psychologists and physiologists. This study is of interest to a wider area than Australia as many of the Aboriginal values are also shared by people in Southeast Asia.

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